I am interested in the use of the Fundamental Matri
x. Could you please
advise how the app can be used for swing traders?I am interested in the use of the Fundamental Matri
x. Could you please
advise how the app can be used for swing traders?I am interested in the use of the Fundamental Matri
x. Could you please
advise how the app can be used for swing traders?

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How is my data secure?

Tradable uses bank-level security measures to protect your personal information. Your password and other sensitive data are encrypted.

Does Tradable know my password?

We never store passwords in plaintext. The hash itself is salted with a unique 64 bit salt for each account. For hashing, we use SHA-256 and hash the password 100.000 times. If you forget your password we can not recover it for you. Instead, you should use the forgot password feature to reset your password. Credentials for your brokerage account are kept safe. We create a 2048 bit RSA private/public keypair for you that we use for encrypting the passwords. We encrypt the private key and we require your Embed password to unlock it. We use a 64 bit salt and 100.000 iterations of PBKDF2-SHA256 for the encryption. The private key is only kept in memory on our servers and never persisted unencrypted. This means that no Tradable staff has access to your credentials.

It is important that you use a good password in order to prevent unauthorized use of your trading account. If you use a shared computer make sure not to use the remember me feature and close the browser when leaving the computer.


About Tradable

Who is Tradable?

Tradable was founded in 2012 by a ​diverse group of people with roots in the financial and technology industries − having been at companies as diverse as MTV/Viacom, Saxo Bank, Kapow!, Joost, Bloomberg and Skype. With offices in London and Copenhagen, Tradable is working tirelessly to trade-enable the internet and provide an easier way for both developers and traders to engage in the financial markets.

What is Tradable Embed?

Tradable Embed is an open API service that connects mobile devices and websites to the financial markets. Allowing traders and investors like you to see your portfolio and trade right from within the app or website you love. 



Can I connect a real money account for trading?

Yes, real money trading is available through a number of regulated brokers.

Why does Tradable need access to my brokerage account?

In order to allow websites and apps to trade you need to authorise the service to view account information and to send orders to your broker on your behalf.

Can I trade stocks?

Trading stocks as a CFDs will be available in December 2015. Support for physical stocks is planned for the beginning of 2016. 

How do I add a brokerage account

You can add accounts with Tradable supported brokers at any time via your Tradable dashboard

How do I remove a brokerage account?

You can modify permissions or removing access to a brokerage account at any time via your Tradable dashboard.


Margined currency trading is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and is only suitable for sophisticated individuals and institutions. No representation is being made that any trading account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses. Past performance does not guarantee future results. You should  take into account your personal investment objectives and/or financial situation, and you should carefully consider this and consult your financial advisors(s) in order to fully understand the risks involved, and ensure the suitability of your situation prior to making any investment or entering into any transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I manage my integrations?

You can change your settings and permissions at any time via your Tradable dashboard.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

You can change or reset your password at any time via your Tradable dashboard.

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